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    tallkin replied to your post: “Can you explain to me what moomin is? I’ve seen paintings of…”:
    Snorkmaiden isn’t a Moomin, she’s a (female) Snork! Snorks are a species closely related to Moomins, but they are not the same (kind of like jaguars and leopards)

    your knowledge about moomin impresses me wow i thought she was named snork maiden because of her brother being named snork idk but now i know!!!

    Snorks also change colour depending how they are feeling :)

    Completed Mermaid Zine, I hope you guys enjoy it. Feel free to give me feedback :)

    Pros for the mermaids is they don't seem to get periods, but they seem to still be able to have children

    YES AND YES. That page will be made!

    A very small zine I have been working on about the pros and cons of being a mermaid. Still spaces where I haven’t been able to scan in my artwork… I need two more pros and two more cons! Anyone got any ideas?









    BeeLine Reader

    This extension really does seem to help with reading long pieces of text on a laptop or mobile device screen; apparently I read 27% faster with it! It’s a pretty interesting, yet simple, concept. Give it a try, might help ya.

    Get it here

    this could have made research projects so much easier. I could never get through online articles.

    do you realize how much more i would be inclined to read and study a textbook if they were printed like this?

    holy shit I would actually be able to read again

    This seems like it could be useful to some folks on my list.

    This is awesome if it is helpful to some folks!

    I have noticed a weird side effect in my own peculiar brain, though: The tone of the words I “hear” as I read the text shifts as the color does.

    It’s hard to describe, but the black portions of the text sound like my voice does (as I hear it) but very neutral — I guess that’s my “internal monologue” voice. The blue portions sound louder and higher-pitched, while also being more varied in tone (you could easily characterize this as “feminine” — it’s the voice I use when talking to other women, kind of?) while the red portions sound thin, nasal, and gravelly all at once — higher-pitched than the “neutral” black, but more grating or piercing. (…I guess this makes sense given that I associate the color red in text with warnings and alarms, plus the red used is very bright.)

    It is nifty as hell looking.

    I haven’t noticed the same effect for myself though, but…it’s strange, but something about the gradient effect and the text combined makes me feel vaguely…queasy? I don’t know how to describe it. Kind of like the bottom of my stomach just dropped out into space.

    Weird as hell. Probably a good thing that most of my issues with missing or repeating lines when reading things on my computer are more to do with I am pretty sure I need glasses.

    The tone changes for me, and my eyes automatically jump to the bright reds and royal blues in the lines.  Too much time looking at art??

    Wow this looks amazing! My boss was teasing me the other day as I highlight text as I read on computers. I love reading but it can be really difficult. I never reblog anything this could solve such a problem for me I am SUPER HAPPY it has been created!!!!



    Sugar Skull

    Sugar Skull

    A silly little avatar I made, doesn’t look like me really much at all but I had fun doing it!

    A silly little avatar I made, doesn’t look like me really much at all but I had fun doing it!